We LOVE to HONOR our patients for faithfully following Dr. Auger's

recommendations for adjustments, exercises, posturelifestyle & attitude

Toby W. is our September patient of the month !

Toby we are so grateful for you!   So often while waiting for your adjustment we hear you encouraging the newer patients by sharing with them your story - you walk them through the healing process & encourage them to stick to it.  You have also brought in 3 of your kids to be checked for subluxations because you want them to have the best chance possible for true health! 


Congratulations Burbage/Bower family for being selected as August's patient family of the month !


This family has done their best to spread the word about the importance of maintaining nerve flow between the brain & body.  

They are saving lives !


Wayne is our July patient of the month !

Wayne's family has been an active part of our Wellness family for several years now!  Wayne is faithful to his adjustments & ALWAYS walks into the office with a smile that warms our hearts!


Billie is our June patient of the month !

Billie has been a faithful patient for over 10 years!  She does her doctor prescribed exercises as well as shares with others about how chiropractic can improve their quality of life.


Joyce is our May's patient of the month !

Joyce has brought in her loved ones to get checked, and is faithfully following the doctor's plan including traction (wedge), exercises & trigger point therapy, and even some lifestyle changes!

We are so glad you have joined our family, Joyce!


George is our April patient of the month!

George has suffered great adversity and yet has still been faithful to his adjustments, he does the exercises the doctor approved for his condition, and in spite of his struggles consistently spreads kindness & positivity in the office.  Wow, George, your commitment to doing whatever it takes is impressive! 


Leslie is our March patient of the month!

Leslie has been part of the Auger Family Chiropractic wellness family for almost a year.  She has worked hard this year at improving her understanding of how her spine affects the health of her entire body.  She has also learned to pay careful attention to her posture & is working hard to correct it through her adjustments & exercises.  We are proud of you Leslie!


David is our February patient of the month !

David has a true grasp on how important the nervous system is to his overall well-being. He has been part of our wellness family since 2012. A lot of his success has come from his understanding how each adjustment builds on the last one & the importance of correcting new subluxations before they become chronic. Thanks, David, for letting us be an integral part of your wellness routine & for your consistency!